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Garage door openers are that part of your door that makes it open and close, as it can be assumed from its own name. Nowadays, you will find a large variety of openers. Even though some types can be qualified as the best, they might not be the most proper for your garage door. There is a series of elements to consider first such as the space of your garage, the weight of your door and some other factor that Arizona Garage door Service will be happy to explain. We highly advise our clients to consult with an expert before acquiring a new garage door opener, not selecting the right one can cause many consequences in the future.

 Perhaps, there is no need to change your old garage door opener, you may just need the adjusting, tuning or repairing of that opener. Arizona Garage Door Service is here for you in case that you might need some of the services mentioned above or the installation of a new opener.

The most used types of openers are direct openers, chain drive, belt drive and shaft drive. Every one of those openers were made for certain types of doors or circumstances, let us help in the selecting and installing any of those openers. We want our clients to have the right option based on the requirements you present.

Chain drive garage door opener

The chain drive garage door opener are the strongest and more durable at the moment, they have an extra powerful performance that lets yourself open and close your door with ease.

Don’t get worry if it gets a little noisy sometimes, it performs extremely well, that sound is just the sound of the extra power needed to lift your garage doors. This opener is the most used right by the latest high security garage doors due to their durability and strength.

Belt drive garage door opener

The belt drive garage doors is strong enough to lift heavy doors without disturbing contiguous areas. They perform more quietly that the chain drive. This one right here has evolved a little bit more than the other, and with the latest technologies you now can open your garage door directly from your smartphone.

Shaft drive garage door opener

Shaft driven openers are the most used for small garage door. They don’t occupy much space and they don’t make much noise. Plus, they are well known for being resistant and reliable.

Indifferently of the type of opener you select, we will provide the necessary batteries to get it working immediately.

Contact or send an e-mail to Arizona Garage Door Service to find out more about the rest of openers available at our store, once you decide the one that fits most your requirements, we can appoint a meeting to start giving a solution to your problem. Our clients are our top priority, we want them to count with the best service in the Arizona Area. With Arizona Garage Door Service’s high qualified technicians there is nothing to be afraid of!

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