Broken remotes

Your remotes control the interior engine of the garage door, it sends the signal to open or close the door.  Right now, there exists a variety of controllers and functions that make our life much simpler. SkyLink, Chamberlain, Genie, Direct Drive, Insteon and Defiant Garage are the most used garage door remote brands since they are compatible with almost any engine existing in the market. Arizona Garage Door Service wants to advise you in your garage door remotes decisions, making you chose the right one when getting new remotes or select the perfect substitutes for the old ones.

If you acquired a new remote, Arizona Garage Door Service can do the programming of those new control remotes, regardless if they are the replacement for your lost ones or you just the extra you got “just in case”, it won’t matter the type or the brand you have. We can easily program multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches or digital remote transmitters.

In the case that you need a new replacement for your lost remote we can fulfil your requirements with a picture or reference of the old one you used to have. Also, with our company you will be able to find any type of replacement for your controllers, including all kinds and sizes of batteries.

Arizona Garage Door Repair Service knows the possibilities of finding yourself in the situation where you cannot enter your home or commercial office due to a broken or damaged remote. Having that situation in mind, and our valuable customers in our heart, we have now created a unique 24/7 contact number in case of emergencies, we certainly don’t want you locked out of your home. Give us a call and we will be there immediately.


Thanks to our well prepared-technicians and thinking in our dear customers, Arizona Garage Door Service has now many alternatives for you, for any type of circumstances, with our company you can:

  • Use the exclusive and unique 24/7 emergency service
  • Get as many extra controllers as your house requires, selecting between the variety of brands, models, colors and sizes
  • Repair your broken remote or controller
  • Replace your old controller for a new one

Remember that all the jobs performed and all of the items purchased at our come with a limited warranty, we want you to have a back-up in case of under-performed jobs or deficient items.

Arizona Garage Door Service hopes to become number one choice when you have the need to repair or replace your remote control. Our large selection of universal remotes, as already stated, are compatible with most of the common garage door openers in the market right now. Arizona Garage Door Service makes its best efforts to keep their customers happy. We want to guarantee that every member of your family gets easy access to your home thanks to our door controllers.

We will happily provide the long-life lithium battery that is needed to get your controllers working. The programming of your new garage door control will be done in a matter of seconds. Stop wasting time and get in contact as soon as possible with Arizona Garage Door Service. We build your solution.

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